FAQ - Last Updated 14.06.2012

The reason for the FAQ is simply to state the obvious and hopefully inform folk who would like to email the same questions and have me type out the same answers time and time again. So perhaps this is easier.

Should you have a question, feel free to ask - my email address is George.Proctor AT Gmail DOT com

1. What does the White Medal name mean?

White Medal is named after the White Rose of York otherwise known as the Rose Alba, Rose Argent or simply, to most folk, known as the Yorkshire Rose. The symbol was created as a heraldic symbol for the royal house of York but has since been adopted as a symbol for Yorkshire as a whole and is featured on flags and Yorkshire based literature frequently. The symbol itself originated in a period of time which is of no interest to me or the basis of the project but as it is widely recognised as the paramount symbol of Yorkshire, it is used to get the regionalism aspect of the music across. 

2. Is White Medal a Satanic project?

No. Christianity and it's culture has displaced my own culture. Satanic projects only strengthen their "fight".

3. Is White Medal an NSBM project? After all, there is the word "White" in the band name!

No White Medal is quite obviously not an NSBM project and to the many of you who have been so vehemently conditioned to fear the word "white"; get a fucking grip.